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Department of Energy (DOE) environmental management contract will leverage the companys strong nuclear energy technologies and site management capabilities, while also signaling its intent to re-enter the government services marketplace. The DOE today awarded to the team, comprised of Westinghouse, Atkins and Fluor, a $318 million, five-year contract to operate the depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) conversion facilities at DOEs Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Paducah, Ky., and Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon, Ohio. The companies will conduct the work through their fully integrated joint venture, Mid-America Conversion Services, LLC. This DOE contract award is the start of the next chapter in Westinghouses long history of managing nationally strategic resources. We are excited to return to this important arena. Westinghouse has much to offer to government customers, and we look forward to creating real value for them through our technologies and our constant focus on safety, quality and excellence in all operations, said Jose Emeterio Gutierrez, Westinghouse interim president and CEO. published hereThe project includes the operation of DUF6 conversion facilities for the purpose of processing DOEs inventory of stored DUF6, a coproduct of the uranium enrichment process. The facilities convert DUF6 to depleted uranium oxide for possible future reuse, storage or disposal. questions for a medical interviewWestinghouse and its partners are committed to the safe, successful operation of the Paducah and Portsmouth DUF6 facilities, and we are eager to engage with the local workforces and communities to meet the project goals at both plant locations. With our decades of leadership in applying nuclear technologies and managing major nuclear operations, Westinghouse welcomes the opportunity to put its experience and capabilities to work on this DOE project, said David Durham, Westinghouse senior vice president and leader over its government services business. To learn more about Westinghouse Electric Company and our vision to be the first to innovate the next technology, practice or solution that helps our customers generate safer, cleaner, more reliable energy visit .

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selection process

The supervisor evaluates and documents the quality and quantity of work completed in the time allotted. A well-written position description: Provides a first impression of the campus to the candidate Clearly articulates responsibilities and qualifications to attract the best suited candidates Provides an opportunity to clearly articulate the value proposition for the role Serves as documentation to help prevent, or defend against, discrimination complaints by providing written evidence that employment decisions were based on rational business needs Improves retention as turnover is highest with newly hired employees. Resume banks are another good source for identifying qualified candidates. Ask for insights into the candidate’s character, examples of good work they have done and areas that need development. All selection or screening methods must be based on the essential tasks and skills for the position as outlined in the job description and comply with human rights legislation. For example, an employee’s age, length of service, nature and seniority of the position, extent of education, and/or the transferability of his/her skill set will affect the employee’s ease of re-employment and will therefore need to be considered when determining the amount of notice and severance pay. To facilitate a uniform, structured approach and create an easy means of record keeping, it is a good idea to develop a reference form. Written consent is required before requesting records checks. Refer to the appropriate contract for specific requirements. The selection committee may decide that interviews are not necessary and make the decision to fill the vacancy based on written applications and referee reports only.

selection process

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