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Beyond, on the empty tarmac, two men from Afghanistan walk through the shadeless heat with towels draped over their heads. They speak little English, but there’s not much to say on this desolate walk. Greek police officers in an air conditioned single-wide mobile office barely look up as the men pass through a checkpoint between the airport’s buildings and its wide concrete runways. In the distance are signs of the airport’s second life: the baseball and field hockey stadiums built, along with a handful of other venues, for the 2004 Olympics. They’d been disused ever since. And then the refugees started coming. Part of an elevated walkway within the Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Complex. Photo by Oliver Wainwright The stadiums now house hundreds of refugees from across North Africa and the Middle East. There are an estimated 1,300 people living in the stadiums and the airport, and tents fill nearly every possible shaded pocket of these buildings. browse around this websiteUNHCR tents and structures are set up on what was an Olympic concourse connecting the stadiums, and laundry hangs on the barbed wire fences that contain the area. In the field hockey stadium, rugs and sheets are tied to the railings of the mezzanine to block the strong summer sun.

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selection interview

selection interview

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